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Cock Tease and Denial

Her lips tasted like whiskey and chocolate as she kissed you for the first time, there on the dance floor in the bar, leaning in to you with her body and pressing close, something you had been waiting for all night. Every time she moved her body close to yours she seemed to pull away; getting a little closer each time, closing the gap between you then moving away, twirling and dancing. Her long hair smelled like oranges and the air by the ocean and you just wanted to get closer. You had been trying to get closer to her from the first moment you walked into the club and saw her.

A League Of Her Own

It was late and your friends had insisted on hitting one more bar, no one had gotten lucky that night and bets on who would had you dead last. It was a running joke that you always seemed to want the girl you just cannot have. The pretty sexy young babe in the tiny little dress who all the guys were looking at, that’s who you always want and never get. After all she is way out of your league and everyone seems to know it but you! All the laughter faded away though when you saw her there, she was even better than you’d imagined, that tight little red dress, short enough to show off her legs. Hopelessly long legs that went on forever, ending only in a sexy pair of heels that screamed “fuck me”. You knew your friends were still there, pointing and talking about how you were about to crash and burn again, but you don’t care do you? No you don’t. You love the tease, the dance, no matter how it ends and you have gotten lucky a few times so you know it’s possible and keep hoping.

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Hope Springs a Hard On

Hope is what moves your feet across the room to her and her friends, smiling and introducing yourself. She tosses her hair over her shoulder and looks up at you over the rim of her fruity drink. The straw pressed between her lips, as she sucks, slowly, waiting for you reaction to the slight in and out movement of the plastic between her lips before she pops is out and turns to look at you more closely, setting the drink on the bar. You feel your cock react immediately to the low cut of the dress and her soft cleavage showing itself off to you and everyone else.

Even though you were certain that your face wasn’t showing your excitement she smiles like she knows and glances down, her eyes moving slowly down your body, the way you and other men look at women like her. The silent undressing and judging, making a decision about you before even speaking to you and suddenly you feel naked and your cock likes it, jumping again. A soft giggle leaves her full glossy lips and she stands up, taking your hand asking you want to dance. In hindsight the giggling of her friends should have told you something but when you’re with a Cock Tease it’s hard to focus on anything. After all she is in control of your cock and you are just following.

Teases and Denied

Dancing is where the real tease was at for you. She moved so close, her hand “accidentally” brushing across the crotch of your pants and you just knew that this time it was going to happen. This time this gorgeous female was going to take you home and let you fuck her. As if she could read your mind once again, she leaned in close and asked you if you wanted to go someplace more private, her lips biting lightly at your ear. You heard yourself moan and nodded almost mindlessly, while she waved to her friends and yours and took your hand leading you to the parking lot.

Then she was kissing you, finally completely, pressing your back against the car, her body tight against yours. Your cock so hard as she steps back telling you to unzip your pants. Looking around wildly, you know you’re hoping that your friends will see when she starts stroking you or maybe even drops to her knees and sucks your cock. But there’s no one around and when she smiles and giggles again, you are very happy about that. It’s suddenly all very clear to you, while you stand there with your hard cock in your hand, her finger tip running up the shaft just once, before giggling and stepping further away from you and with another flip of her hair, heading back inside, her voice already calling out to her girlfriends telling them all about you!

Cock Control Mistresses Currently Available