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Creative Cock Teasing

I love being a cock tease. I’m not ashamed to say that I tease men whenever and wherever I can. I can’t help it. If I know a guy is checking me out, I’ll give him a reason to keep staring! It is so much fun to see them squirm when I purposely bend over to pick something up and they see my little pink thong peeking out from beneath my white tennis skirt, or I wear really small halter tops that make my double D breasts spill out the top. I just love knowing that I can make guys I don’t know hot and leave them like that.

Teasing Anyone Anytime

As I said, I tease every guy I can. If they’re caught looking, I’m going to find some way to tease them. I also tease my boyfriend until he’s out of his mind. See, I’m 5’8” tall and most of my height is my sexy long legs. I have long blonde hair and perfectly pouty lips. I look great in a string bikini. I have several in different colors. I have one in black that is so small I have to shave everywhere to wear it. I have a dark blue one and a purple one and a red one. My boyfriend says that he likes them all, especially when they hit the floor after a long hot day of me teasing and touching him at the beach. Not that I let him do anything until I take him into the shower with me and tease him some more while I soap up and wash my hair. I don’t leave my guy hanging like I do guys on the street, but I don’t let him fuck me nearly enough in his opinion.

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Get Creative

So what is creative cock teasing? To me, it’s any kind of teasing that is either unexpected or in an unconventional place. Whether it’s running my hand up my boyfriend’s thigh in a dark movie theatre or easing my skirt up really high and winking at the guy sitting at the bus stop with me, it’s all fair game for teasing that naughty cock. On the unexpected side, I’ve brought my girlfriends along for the ride. They know my love of the male cock and how I love to it. When we know we have an audience, we’ll tease each other and have the guys looking tense and blurry eyed. We go to the beach to sunbathe when our boyfriends are at work. We have so much fun slowly rubbing lotion all over each other. We make it as sexy as possible, because, to be honest, my friends and I enjoy touching each other.

What’s the harm of a little heavy petting among girlfriends? My boyfriend should be happy about it After all, it makes me really hot so that I’m ready for him later in the evening. It’s a win-win, right? We’re also very popular on the beach. We were there the other day and when we started our game, there was only one guy watching. By the time we were all oiled up, there was a crowd of horny men staring at us! It was so much fun!

Never Stop

My boyfriend has gotten used to the fact that I love teasing him. However, he still jerks in surprise when I stroke his cock as I pass in the kitchen to get another bottle of wine for our dinner guests. But there’s always a smile on his face. He says that I want to drive him completely crazy with desire. I reassured that no man has ever been committed because of a four hour hard on. You know I just love being sexy. I love the attention I get from teasing a guy into wanting to fuck me and knowing that he’s not getting anywhere with me. I’ll never wear baggy old sweatshirts to the mall. No! The mall is my favorite place to play! I put on my best looking “causal” clothes to go there, like my shorts or really tight jeans that are cut so low you watch in awe waiting for them to fall. I also wear my little push up black bra with my white t shirt so you can see my underwear through my clothes. I know that drives men wild and makes their girlfriends crazy because they don’t look as good as me.

Creative cock teasing is all about having no inhibitions and enjoying the power of the tease. I love to tease naughty cocks, no matter where or when.

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