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Cock Teasing a Cuckold

My wife and I have been married for a while now. Our life together has had its ups and downs, but no more than most people. I have always had a good job, so we’ve been financially secure without my wife having to work. Our marriage started out like most marriages, I suspect. However, everything changed in our third year together. She told me that she wanted to see other men! We had gotten together when she was just 18, so I had been her only lover. She said that she wanted to know what it was like to fuck other men, and she was going to do it with or without my permission. She assured me that her need to “mess around” with other men had absolutely nothing to do with me or our marriage or our sex life. She still thought I was the “sexiest man on the planet” and I still drove her wild with a touch. Then she laughed! Laughed!

She Wants Another Lover!

At first I was surprised and hurt that I wasn’t enough for her. To tell the truth I was crushed, but I am not the type of man to show my emotions. I loved her, so there would be no divorce, but I wondered how I would ever survive her betrayal of me. After the initial shock subsided, I began to realize that my feelings about the whole thing weren’t all negative. The more I thought about it, the more I secretly wanted her to do it. It excited me to think of someone else fucking my beautiful wife, her moaning with pleasure as he came hard inside her. I didn’t want to tell her about my true feelings though, because I didn’t want her to think I was encouraging her to be unfaithful to me. But I began to think about who she might pick to be with. Would he be someone I knew? Was she attracted to one of our friends and just didn’t want to tell me? I asked her this and she adamantly denied wanting to be with anyone I knew. She just wanted the freedom to fuck another man or be with a woman if she happened to find someone and the mood struck her.

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She’s Always Been Adventurous!

She would have her pick of any man or woman she wanted. My wife is very beautiful, with long blond hair and green eyes that flash fire when she’s pissed. Her legs were long and tanned. She looked amazing in a bikini or any thing else she wore. I remember how I used to love just watching her move and speak. She had taken modeling classes and had learned to present herself as such. She was intelligent and funny and sometimes I couldn’t believe she had chosen to be with me. She blew my mind in bed. She learned fast and always wanted to do more adventurous things. She was forever saying “let’s try this, babe. I read about in a book, and it looks like hot.” And we would give it a try. It was never boring in our bed, at least not for me.

So I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that her curiosity had led her to want other men. She felt that she only lived once and she wanted to experience everything she could. She came to me about a month later and said that she had found someone and she was going out that night. I had told her that I wanted to know. I said that I would rather know what she was doing that have her sneak around behind my back. What I didn’t tell her was that I was turned on by the whole idea and wanted to know every single detail of the encounter.

The Ultimate Tease

I thought of nothing else while she was gone. I tried to distract myself and my hard cock by reading, watching television, eating. Nothing worked. I told myself that it was wrong to feel this way. I should be devastated. My wife was fucking another man! My cock wasn’t listening. By the time I heard her coming up the stairs my cock was throbbing. I could barely think when she came through the bedroom door. I grabbed her and kissed her. My cock rubbed against her shamelessly. She looked at me and smiled. “Okay,” she said slowly, “I expected you’d have some strong feelings about tonight, but not quite this strong.” Her laugher drove me crazy! Especially when she idly ran her fingers over my cock and whispered something about being tired, then left to shower, leaving me there, a cuckold teased in the ultimate way.

Cock Control Mistresses Currently Available