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Meeting a Cock Tease Princess

You know I saw you, watching me. I know how I look when I go out with my friends. Standing there, chatting with the girls I always go out with, in my short skirt, long legs, tan and firm. I toss my head and my hair bounces and falls down my back, as I laugh and press a fingertip to the center of my lower lip. You cock jumps as I glance over at you. Letting my eyes pause and meet yours, I smile until I notice your cock already twitching in your pants, then the smile turns into a sexy pout. Your mind races, thinking that I'm actually looking at you. I seem interested. "I could really get this girl" you start to tell yourself and your confidence builds, letting your mind wander. This girl will take you home and let you fuck her while moaning more more more. But that is just a fantasy and that is when I first start wrapping you around my finger. The moment you tell yourself that you can get me, the extreme cock tease begins.

I'm a cock tease princess, after all and I love it! This is the moment my friends and I giggle about later, well this one and few others. You silly man. If you just knew how out of your league I really am, you wouldn’t end up in the awkward position I plan to leave you in.

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The Tease Begins

You see, I know exactly what I am doing when I slowly bend over while you watch, letting my skirt ride up my tan thighs and tighten across my sexy little ass. I whisper something you can’t hear to my friends, then grab my bag and wave good-bye to them. Telling them I’ll call later and walking smoothly, my hips rolling as you stare. I motion with my finger as I walk past you and try not to giggle as you trip over your feet to keep up, just like I knew you would. You, of course, are just excited, already planning how this will go. Your penis is telling you this girl wants it and it’s already throbbing in your pants and conjuring up fantasies of my full soft lips around your cock. You follow me home and we are barely alone in my apartment when I sit next to you on the sofa and run one finger up the inside of your thigh, whispering something about how much I love a man who can last all night, as I unzip your pants. This extreme cock tease is almost half over and you aren’t even aware it’s begun. For you the beginning is your cock jutting from the front or you pants as I giggle and move away, telling you how much I love to watch a man stroke for me. You think how amazing it will be for me to watch you, but soon realize, as my voice becomes more demanding and I stop giggling that this might not go just as you pictured. Soon I am telling you to stroke faster, now stop and take your fucking hand off it entirely and wait. Now you can stroke. Now stop.

You Lose Control

I laugh as you start to beg and you laugh a little as well, thinking that you will just stroke anyway, what am I going to do to you after all. So you try and that’s when I slap your hand, hard. My voice is harsh now and when I threaten to just leave if you don’t play along, you realize you have no control. You know for sure when I laugh again and let you stroke a little more before telling you to stop and slowly removing some of my clothing. Your foolish cock is still hopeful as you are teased by my voice, my giggle, my hair, my face and my body. The control you once had over yourself is gone and this cock tease princess is all there is for you now and you know that I will decide if you get to reach an orgasm or not. The denial is there, but the tease is so strong that you aren’t sure if I am really going to leave you with nothing or if I’m still just playing and will soon give you that sultry look you saw before we arrived here and then I’ll be ready to give you all you want.

I’m always amused by how hopeful a hard cock can be, even after I’ve made it obvious that you will be teased and denied. Being overly confident was a mistake. I hate when guys assume they know what I’m going to do and since you did that, you’re really only getting what you deserve. An extreme cock tease that you thought you had control over. But, I can promise you, whether or not she lets you cum, in the end a cock tease will make you ache and beg. I always have things my way and sometimes that‘s a happy ending for you, but sometimes it‘s a giggle while I walk away, telling you no over my shoulder as I leave you alone with your hard cock.

Cock Control Mistresses Currently Available