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Are Women Naturally Cock Teases or do they Learn it?

One of the questions I'm often asked by my slaves, sluts, and followers is whether women are naturally cock teases, or do we learn it? Are women just born with the skill to lean over in front of a man, so that he sees our skirt go up enough to almost, but not quite, show him our tight little asses, giving him an instant hard on? Or what about the way we let our breasts gently brush up against an unsuspecting guy at a crowded place, so he can feel our hard nipples tickle his arm or back, sending tingles down his spine and through his cock?

What about the more extreme forms of cock teasing? Every man dreams of having a bratty prick tease for a girlfriend, who might put her hands in his pants at the movies and play with the head of his cock while they watch, or rub his crotch while he's driving, only to giggle, pull her hands away, and leave him hard and in agony while he waits to see if she'll give him more of what he wants. How could women possibly learn this type of behavior? Then again, could it be that all women have this need to tease and torment their men so blatantly?

Born to Tease

Women have a way of torturing you without even trying. The sight of a woman's smooth, bare legs, as she sunbathes on her porch, or the way her breasts bounce when she's jogging down the street, and of course there's the way she always manages to climb on top of you and do everything from kissing and grinding to keep you aroused, but nothing to bring relief. Sometimes it's the subtle, innocent things that women do without trying that tease men into submission, so I believe it's something we're born to do, and men are born to enjoy it!

Cock Tease Mistresses Currently Available

Without even thinking about it, I use my body to tease men--because it's fun! Here's an example: Sometimes I answer the door in a towel or my nightie (depending what I'm doing when the doorbell rings, *wink*) for the UPS man. I try to be friendly and chat with him for a while in the doorway, holding my towel tightly around my body, or keeping my arms wrapped around my chest to cover my cleavage. If my towel happens to slip open a little bit, or I get a little too comfortable and expose the nearly see-through bodice of my nightie, it's not my fault, is it? I do admit, once I'm reminded how much he likes it, I might find a way to lean in extra close when I sign for my package, or ask him to help me carry it inside and block the doorway so he's forced to let his hard cock brush my leg!

Like Mother, Like Daughter?

If cock teasing is a learned behavior, then the first place a woman learns about the art of teasing men is from her mother. When girls see the way that men admire their moms in their sexy heels and tight dresses, or how they might use their bodies, smile, and charm to get what they want from those men they want to be just like them! My mom loves to climb out of the pool every Friday and meet her sexy, young landscaper in the driveway--that's how she knows he'll do a fantastic job on her lawn! I've taken a few tips from her and love giving my professors great, big hugs, or letting the salesman at the shoe store put each shoe on my perfect little feet! It's not about getting an "A" or a discount on my Louboutins, but about the control I can so easily exert over men.

So, inevitably, impressionable young girls become the giggly young ladies that stroll the mall, looking for older guys to flirt with and turn into their pathetic little puppies, or the extreme cock tease girlfriend who denies your orgasms and brags to her girlfriends about your blue balls.

We Love To Tease!

Whether women are naturally cock teases, or learn this behavior from more experienced cock teasers, it's something we love to do! We won't hesitate to tease our way into getting what we want, and I'm sure you're happy to be teased into giving it to us!

Cock Tease Mistresses Currently Available