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Your eyes scan my body, making notes of my curves fantasizing about the treasures hiding underneath my clothes. The bulge in your pants aching to see more, craving my delicate touch. I can very easily give you what you so desire. However, nothing worth having comes easily.

Surprise, surprise I'm your next obsession. I'm sure you have already guessed it by my alluring pictures being a cocktease is just in my nature. My gentle seduction as I toy with your ego will have you on edge. Welcome to my little game of Yes Or No.

I've convinced you to shed your clothes and get onto your knees. I stand in front of you still dressed, amused as I watch you still desperately trying to undress me with your eyes. I pull up my skirt and tease you with a peek of what's beneath as you stroke eagerly for me. Breathlessly you beg to cum. My answer is no. Dropping to my knees in front of you, watching as your strokes slow down. "Please" you whimper as my hands slowly rub down your chest. I lean forward and whisper into your ear "No". I will break you before giving the release you so desperately seek.

The joy I receive from making you squirm under my command is exhilarating. It's a high that becomes incredibly addicting and I can't seem to get quite enough. So are you ready for your sensual cocktease to turn into a cruel and unforgiving goddess in front of you?



Extreme Cocktease Phone Sex (800) 601-6975



How Much Cockteasing can you Take?


Just how much cockteasing can you take? No doubt you have called for phone sex before. You have done some guided masturbation, edging, and been teased. That is great, because it means you are ready to take 10 steps forward and experience what we can extreme cock teasing.

What is that, exactly? It is all of the fabulously sexy activities I mentioned above, done with more intensity, done for a longer period of time, with the maximum of teasing you can handle thrown in for good measure. Does it sound a little overwhelming? Good! It will be. That is precisely the point of this particular fetish.


Cock Teasing and Edging


You are aware that you can deal with a lot more stroking, and edging in session with a Mistress than you could possibly do by yourself. That is why you need to call in, or set up a long text session, and try this advanced session. It’s time to expand your erotic horizons and take a little leap of faith.

Trust that you will have a mind blowing, cock exciting experience. At the beginning of your session, let the Mistress know whether you wish to be denied, meaning no release at all, or whether you would prefer to be driven to an earth shattering release. Either way, the Mistress will have a wonderful time. And so will you.


Cockteasing and Explosive Orgasms


Let’s start with the earth shattering release. You may be wondering why your release would be so spectacular after an extreme cock tease session. Easy…you will be pushed hard, driven further, teased beyond belief, and taken to a place where, by the time your Mistress says, “Cum hard…now!”, you release with an intensity that can stun your brain, briefly sap your energy, and leave you panting in a pool of satisfaction. You will be lying there asking yourself, “What just happened? Whatever it was, I want more!”

This type of mega release is addictive. That is a fact. It puts an ordinary release to shame. As you know, any release is good. But once you have a release of this force, you will be anxious to have another. And each time, you will be taken a little further. Your boundaries will be pushed a bit. You like that anyway, don’t you? Just when you think you can’t cum any harder, you will be proven wrong; and happy to discover it too.


Cock Teasing and Denial


Now let’s talk about the denial option. You go through the same sexually powerful experience, only you will know that under no circumstances will you be granted release; even when you are asking nicely, then anxiously requesting, and finally outright begging. Once you ask for denial, your fate is sealed. You will be taken to the edge again and again, pushed hard, teased mercilessly. When you tell the Mistress that you can’t take anymore, she will not change her mind. She will send you off denied, with a soft laugh. We love denial.

Either way you choose to end your extreme cock tease session, you will be left with your head spinning, your body pulsating with pleasure, and a strong desire to come back and do it again.


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