A Summertime Game Of Tease And Denial


I can’t wait to tell you about my summertime game of tease and denial. I had been eyeing my fairly new lawn maintenance man for some time now, and I had obviously noticed him giving me some very lusty and hungry looks in return. I knew that it shouldn’t be to hard to entice him into my sexy trap of seduction and tease and denial.

I had always been particularly entertained by the whole “chase” that ensues when a man spies a woman that he is sexually hungry for, not to mention the interntal emotional and moral struggle that came from lusting after a married, but clearly lonely woman.

I never made it particularly easy for the men that I tempted, though, to be honest. My entertainment really came in luring in the men that I chose to tease and then to see exactly how much edging they could handle before it all became too much for them to physically bear anymore.


Tease and Denial: Cock Tease Dream


I was everything that a cock tease should be and everything that he could have dreamed up in his own personal fantasy, of course. I’m blonde with gorgeous hazel eyes and a mature figure with a large tits that pushed up every shirt that I wore. I generally had a friendly expression, but with this lawn boy, I couldn’t help to but let a teasing smile play upon my lips.

I always dressed in a very suggestive way so that I would easily gain the attention of the men that I desired to toy with, but this particular day I had planned on “bumping into” the lawn boy while working in my flowers.

I had dressed in a checkered shirt that I had tied between my bulging tits that showed off my midriff and a pair of skin tight daisy dukes that were SURE to get his attention! I had also pulled on my old cowboy boots and swept my long blonde hair into matching ponytails.

I saw him check him me out as I worked in my little flower garden, wiggling my ass in the tight daisy dukes. There was nothing that I knew better than how to be a seductive cock tease, that’s for sure.

I continued my work, watching my precious sexual prey from the corner of my eye as he lurked dangerously closer and closer to me. I knew that he so badly wanted to do something to get my attention, but I worked steadily, acting as if I had yet to notice him, knowing that denying him my attention was absolutely driving him wild inside!


Beautiful Day For A Cock Tease


This is when the real game of tease and denial could begin. He was already on edge when I finally spoke my first words of the day to him, exclaiming how extraordinarily hot it was, making sure to expose my now somewhat moist flesh to him. He was clearly taking the bait as his eyes had yet to leave my cleavage since I had stood up to talk to him, not to mention the fact that the bulge in his pants only appeared to be growing even more.

He had already been working with his shirt off, so I continued on my mini-tyrade about the weather as I slowly walked toward the pool. I bent over testing the water, knowing that he would get a perfect view of my ass as I wiggled it toward him suggestively and sealing the deal with saying, “Wouldn’t it be a great day to go skinny dipping?” This gullible young man was completely naked as I turned around to face him and his hard on was raging as I smiled at him cleverly. My cock tease had rendered him helpless to my wishes, just as I had hoped they would.

It was not long before I had him stroking his cock before me and practically in front of the entire neighborhood as all he could was stare at me in sheer awe. He was completely overcome by the powers of a gorgeous cock tease that led him so easily into her sexual trap of tease and denial, but he was sure to enjoy his wild ride even more.


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