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    Extreme Cocktease Phone Sex (800) 601-6975


    Extreme Cockteasing With a Strict Masturbatrix


    I love being in control. And I especially relish being in control of your cock and dishing out some extreme cockteasing. You view it, physically attached to you, but make no mistake.  Your cock belongs to me. When you submit to your Mistress for a guided masturbation or cockteasing session, you are surrendering control of your cock, orgasm, and pleasure.

    When you have a strict masturbation Mistress at the helm, you can never be sure what will happen. Will you orgasm? Or, after a frustrating denial session, will you just have throbbing blue balls?  I’ll be the one to decide, and you have no say in the matter!


    Tease and Denial Makes Your Cock Throb


    Tease and denial is my thing and extreme cockteasing is my ultimate hobby. As a merciless cocktease and controller of orgasms, I love pushing you to the brink of orgasm, only to deny you that final release. There’s nothing more amusing than teasing you with the impending pleasure of an orgasm. And then taking it away at the last possible moment.

    If I am feeling generous, I might let you eventually cum, but don’t count on it! As an extreme cocktease, I’ll probably just make you edge all night for me! I know you want an orgasm, but let me remind you.  This is not about what you want. Your extreme cocktease makes the rules, and the rule today is “No cumming!”


    Cockteasing Leaves You Begging


    I can already imagine your physical and mental state after a series of body-shaking edges. Physically, you’ll be panting, sweaty, and exhausted. Mentally, you’ll be desperate for release. A horny stroker and his lustful desperation are the perfect ingredients for a session of begging that makes this extreme cocktease laugh!

    I love being amused by your frenzied pleas for mercy and release. As a strict masturbation Mistress, I do not sway easily. No amount of crying, begging, or negotiating will change my mind. My goal is to make your cock throb and your head spin. Your orgasm? It’s simply optional.


    The Benefits Of Orgasm Denial and Cockteasing


    As the old orgasm control adage goes: cumming is a privilege, not a right. When you masturbate for an extreme cocktease, you might not earn that privilege at all. After all of that fist pumping, you might be sent to bed with blue balls full of cum. However, that doesn’t mean masturbation is pointless! Tease and denial and orgasm control have many useful benefits. Foremost, orgasm denial training can help you last longer, and that is an excellent way to impress your Masturbatrix.

    Cockteasing will also make your eventual orgasm much more intense. Even if you’re not granted permission to cum right away, you will enjoy an eruptive, explosive orgasm at some point in the future. If you submit yourself to the ruthless tease and denial of an expert cocktease, you’ll eventually be rewarded with the kind of orgasm you’ll never forget. Or maybe you won’t! You never know with a cocktease, do you?


    Are you ready for some Extreme Cockteasing?