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Teasing a Small Cock

You‘re sitting in your best friend‘s bathroom, hating yourself for not having the balls to go out and join the party. Most of the guys at the party have speedos on! Speedos! You don’t dare wear one of those things! But then you think that maybe you’re just scared and that no one will notice your tiny cock. You take it in your hand, wondering for the millionth time in your life if there is anyway to make it look bigger without looking fake in a speedo.

That’s when I walk in! Already taking my black sundress off as I open the door quickly. I’m pissed that some asshole has poured wine on me in a drunken attempt to get me to join the wet t-shirt contest going on by the pool. I’ll make sure he is sorry later when I tell his girlfriend what he did and he doesn’t get any for awhile.

Confronting the Small Cock

There you are in that tiny bathroom that your best friend’s girlfriend has painted lavender, looking in the full length mirror with that tiny cock in your hand. At first I am surprised that there was someone in the bathroom and try to pull the dress back up. But I remember that I have my red bikini on underneath it. Then, I see your cock. I can’t believe my eyes! I just start giggling. I tell you that it must be horrible to have such a little dinky. “Don’t they have surgery for poor guys like you?” I ask.

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I am amazed when the little thing starts to get hard. And it doesn’t get much bigger! This makes me laugh harder. I tear my eyes away from your cock and see the look of desperation in your face. I see your eyes travel slowly down my body, to my breasts that are spilling out of my bikini top then down to my long tanned legs with their pretty little toes with bright red polish peeking out of my peep toe shoes. I kind of expected you to be mad at my reaction to your tiny package. Not turned on. I try to stop laughing by putting my long, red finger nail on my lip and twirl my long blond hair with my other hand. Should I? I think. Should I take pity on this poor loser and give that poor little cock something to write home about?

Sharing is Caring and Cock Teasing

After a moment this makes me laugh harder. I really couldn’t imagine just holding it in my hand, much less putting it in my mouth. Oh no! I don’t think so….But…we could still have some fun with that tiny hard cock. “My friends are right outside the door,” I say, turning the doorknob. “They would love to see it.” I open the door and call to them, not caring about the look of horror on your face. “Come here! You won’t believe this!” As I lead them to the bathroom, they ask me if we’re doing something kinky. “Maybe,” I wink at them.

When we all squeeze in we find that you are still there, holding it in your hand, waiting, hoping, but terrified. I point to your cock. “Oh my God,” my friends say. One says “You have a teacup size weenie!” And she reaches her hand out and almost touches the wet tip. I pull her hand away. The other has her phone out snapping pictures. “Please don’t show those to anyone,” you plead. She smiles and promises that your face isn’t in any of them, only your cock. Then she asks you if you’ve ever been on one of those “stranger than fiction” reality shows.

Almost is Close Enough…Right?

“Let’s tease him,“ I say. My friends eagerly agree. We want to see how big it can get. It is already standing at attention, doing its tiny best to be a real cock. One of my friends takes your cock and strokes it lightly. She is a brunette with large breasts and a tiny waist. For a moment, I think she will put it in her cleavage, but I stop her. I tell her that there is a chance you’ll never find it again if it goes in there!

You’re breathing hard and your heart is pounding. I kiss you on the lips, and put my hand under your shirt. “You like that?” I whisper. You nod, your eyes glazing over. “You want me and my friends to help out that tiny, aching cock?” I look up at the brunette and wink. She smiles and licks her lips. She kneels in front of you. She moves in so close you can feel her hot breath on the end of your cock. She opens her mouth and looks up into your eyes. Her mouth is almost on your cock when she smiles and runs her thumb lightly down the back of it.

“Not this time, honey,” she says. Then she rises to her feet and we all kiss you. You protest breathlessly as we adjust our clothes. I put my sundress back on. We talk about where another bathroom might be. We file out the door. As I close the it, I turn to you and say “Maybe next time.”

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