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Cuckolding as the Ultimate Cock Tease

It’s almost time, you know it as you sit there staring out the window into the night. You’ve been watching for hours, saw the street lights come on and the people, neighbors you see every day settling in to their Friday night routines. Maybe they are watching television or reading, kissing their wives goodnight or searching the internet for a phone sex Mistress to tease them. You’ve done all of that, but not tonight. Tonight the moment you have been preparing for since you first realized what really excited you, is finally here. Your cock is hard and has been getting harder as you wait and watch, holding your breath each time the headlights of an oncoming car approach the house. Wondering if it’s her, waiting for her to return with him, knowing you are in the final stages of the Ultimate Cuckolding Cock Tease.

Teasing is fun. We know it, your hot wife knows it and when you finally get to stage three and realize this is actually happening, everything is so enjoying the merciless teasing of your cock that it’s hard to think of ever stopping. Why should we after all? Cuckolding really is the Ultimate teasing fantasy.

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It’s All in Your Head

Stage one was the beginning when it was just you. Before you even knew it was called cuckolding you were excited by the thought of your wife having sex with another man while you watched and would go in the bathroom to masturbate thinking about how it would be to open the door and see her on the bed, legs spread. She’s there waiting, but not for you, she’s waiting for him. The man who will get her off in a way you can only imagine. Teasing yourself with the thought. That’s how it starts, the cuckolding tease. It starts off with you teasing yourself. You cock in your hand, masturbating and thinking of just exactly what you’d like to see. It’s incredible, but it’s not the ultimate tease, that’s out of your reach.

The Perfect Cuckoldress

Stroking alone only worked for so long, then you had to tell someone, didn’t you? The images in your mind of your wife having sex with another man were so vivid when you started, but after replaying them again and again and again they aren’t as powerful as they once were. So you have to do something about that, don’t you? Of course you and that is stage two of the ultimate cuckolding cock tease. You call your fantasy phone sex Mistress and tell her. You want to play, pretend she is your wife, taunting you from the bed, telling you how good his cock feels. Her voice whispering into your ear, starting out so soft and gentle. “You like that? You like to watch me?’ then teasing you, urging you to come closer, to stroke your cock. “Show me how much you like it. Stroke while you watch.” And it only gets louder and stronger from there, when she stops paying attention to you at all and your role play from your mind of silently watching your wife, gets more intense now that she has a voice, the voice of your phone sex Mistress who is telling him to do it harder and as your wife forgetting all about you there stroking. *giggle*

Be Careful What You Wish For

So, now here you are, waiting for their return. She told you to tease yourself, to wait by the window, kneeling and naked, for her to return. That’s where you are now, as you wait and ache. You’ve been stroking as you were instructed. Getting all the way to the edge and then stopping, knowing that she may come home and let you watch, though she didn’t promise did she? Once you convinced your wife that this was what you wanted, she embraced it completely and has been thoroughly enjoying herself and her sexual freedom, while you wait at home. She’s come home nights, after promising to bring him with her and told you they decided to do it in the car but you can clear up. You’ve yet to get to really watch, though you’ve sat outside the door and listened. Cuckolding, the Ultimate Cock Tease, because you never know if it’s going to end happily for you or if you’ll be left wanting and waiting.

Look at the those headlights now, turning into the driveway, her voice and his, getting out of the car and coming up to the door. She laughs, another tease and when they come in and you see the look on her face you know you are in for another night of aching and wishing. Leading him to the bedroom she giggles as they take off their clothes and she lays down on the bed, looking at you for a moment, before he walks naked to the door and closes it at her command. Shutting you out and teasing you again, moaning and enjoying being the Ultimate Cock Tease.