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Extreme Cockteasing: Can you Handle it? I see you there, smirking, thinking that you love to be teased and would easily be able to handle an extreme cock tease session. In fact, it seems like something that isn’t even a challenge for you. But that is only because you have no idea what an extreme cock tease is or what it’s like to be teased in that way. You may believe you have experienced this, maybe even many times, but believe me, if you had, you would never ever forget it. Ready to learn more about Extreme Cockteasing?
Meeting a Cocktease Princess: You know I saw you, watching me. I know how I look when I go out with my friends. Standing there, chatting with the girls I always go out with, in my short skirt, long legs tan and firm. I toss my head and my hair bounces and falls down my back, as I laugh and press a fingertip to the center of my lower lip. You cock jumps as I glance over at you. You know you can't wait to find out what happens next! Read all about what happens when you meet up with a cocktease princess!
Is what a Cocktease does Merely Denial? A cocktease gets off on teasing and tormenting your cock. She likes watching you get hard, listening to your moans and groans as she edges you. She loves it when you beg to be allowed to shoot, and then the sounds of frustration as she lets your edge die away, then laughs as she builds it back up again. For the cocktease the fun is all in the actual teasing of the cock – to see what she can do and how far she can push you without you actually nutting off. Read more about Is what a Cocktease does Merely Denial?
Pass the Penis: Extreme Cocktease Edition! Welcome to Extreme Cock teasing the LDW/Enchantrix version! Oh, we know that you believe you have been teased in the past. After all it’s what you love! Having that cock teased and toyed with, hearing us giggle while you beg. But until you’ve played our unique to us, phone sex game, of Pass the Penis you have no idea. You may have played once before, been passed around a little and stroked, but I’m talking about the Extreme Cock Tease version. What’s the difference? More Cock Teases to toy with you, longer stroking sessions and our LOVE of the game! Read more about Pass the Penis: Extreme Cocktease Edition.
Cocktease and Denial: Her lips tasted like whiskey and chocolate as she kissed you for the first time, there on the dance floor in the bar, leaning in to you with her body and pressing close, something you had been waiting for all night. Every time she moved her body close to yours she seemed to pull away; getting a little closer each time, closing the gap between you then moving away, twirling and dancing. Her long hair smelled like oranges and the air by the ocean and you just wanted to get closer. You had been trying to get closer to her from the first moment you walked into the club and saw her. Read more about Cock Tease and Denial!
Creative Cockteasing: I just love being a cock tease. I’m not ashamed to say that I tease men whenever and wherever I can. I can’t help it. If I know a guy is checking me out, I’ll give him a reason to keep staring! It is so much fun to see them squirm when I purposely bend over to pick something up and they see my little pink thong peeking out from beneath my white tennis skirt, or I wear really small halter tops that make my double D breasts spill out the top. I just love knowing that I can make guys I don’t know hot and leave them like that. Read more about me and my creative cockteasing ways/
What is a Nylon Tease?

A nylon tease is a type of cockteasing woman who wears nylons, such as stockings and pantyhose, when she teases men. This form of cockteasing is especially effective on men who have a nylon fetish, but one need not have an outright fetish to find a lady in nylons extremely sexy. Continue reading What is a Nylon Tease?

Dangers of a Bored Cocktease I remember the day I discovered that I was a cocktease. I was bored and looking for something to do to entertain myself. Continue reading the Dangers of a Bored Cocktease.
What is a Panty Tease? It is very likely that you have met a panty tease at least once in your life. It was just a few years ago when young women wearing midriff shirts and ultra-low-rider jeans with the tops of their panties showing was fashionable. Any young woman you met dressed like that technically fits the defintion of a Panty Tease!
Summer Time Game of Tease and Denial: I saw him check him me out as I worked in my little flower garden, wiggling my ass in the tight daisy dukes. There was nothing that I knew better than how to be a seductive cock tease, that's for sure. Continue reading A Summer Time Game of Tease and denial!

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Confessions of a Cocktease Princess You've heard the term "cocktease princess" before. You know the type, always flirting and teasing, getting men to do their bidding with very little in return. You may have been a victim of one of these sexy, sassy, flirtatious hotties at one time or another, but have you ever wondered how it all starts? Read Confessions of a Cocktease Princess to learn just what makes them tick.
Why I Love being a Cocktease: Prick tease. Tease. I hate to break it to you boys, but those are all compliments as far as I’m concerned. Personally, I adore being able to get a man so excited that he can barely control himself at all. It reminds me and him that the person who is truly in control is me! I believe that any woman who can do it, does! It’s fun to be a cock tease princess, so when I’m asked why I like it…It’s fun! Read more about Why I Love being a Cocktease.
Teasing a Small Cock: You‘re sitting in your best friend‘s bathroom, hating yourself for not having the balls to go out and join the party. Most of the guys at the party have speedos on! Speedos! You don’t dare wear one of those things! But then you think that maybe you’re just scared and that no one will notice your tiny cock. You take it in your hand, wondering for the millionth time in your life if there is anyway to make it look bigger without looking fake in a speedo. That’s when I walk in! The Cock Tease Princess! Read more about Teasing a Small Cock.
Cuckolding: the Ultimate Cocktease: It’s almost time, you know it as you sit there staring out the window into the night. You’ve been watching for hours, saw the street lights come on and the people, neighbors you see every day settling in to their Friday night routines. Tonight the moment you have been preparing for since you first realized what really excited you, is finally here. Your cock is hard and has been getting harder as you wait and watch, holding your breath each time the headlights of an oncoming car approach the house. Wondering if it’s her, waiting for her to return with him, knowing you are in the final stages of the Ultimate Cuckolding Cock Tease.
My Wife is a Cuckold Cocktease!: Our marriage started out like most marriages, I suspect. However, everything changed in our third year together. She told me that she wanted to see other men! We had gotten together when she was just 18, so I had been her only lover. She said that she wanted to know what it was like to fuck other men, and she was going to do it with or without my permission. Read more of our story in My Wife: A Cuckold Cocktease!
Are Women Natural Cockteases? One of the questions I'm often asked by my slaves, sluts, and followers is whether women are naturally cock teases, or do we learn it? Are women just born with the skill to lean over in front of a man, so that he sees our skirt go up enough to almost, but not quite, show him our tight little asses, giving him an instant hard on? Read and decide for yourself: Are Women Natural Cockteases?
Why Can't Men Resist a Cocktease? I always expect you to learn, but you don’t! I have been a Cock Tease for a very long time. You know I'm just teasing you and yet you silly men always fall for it! Even those of you whom I have teased and left wanting in the past, still fall for it! Being a cock tease is fun, for me, but when you are left with your blue balls aching, are you having fun too? Yes! Because you keep coming back for more and falling for it again and again. So, I started wondering, in a serious way, why you just can’t resist a Cock Tease, even when you know that she is going to tease you mercilessly and leave you wanting?
I Like it when Men Beg! I like to hear my men beg. I never just let a man have his way in bed. He has to work and wait for it. I love to tease a man for hours and then just tell him that he isn’t allowed to have his orgasm. If he whines or complains, I warn him that he may never have another orgasm with me if he keeps it up. Read all about it in I Like it When Men Beg!
Locked Up and Teased! Teasing has always been one of my very favorite things to do! I know that may sound bitchy or mean, but so what. *giggle* Really it’s just fun to tease men and it’s not like I am forcing you to stare at me or listen while I tell you all about how good I would suck your cock….If I were so inclined, which I am not. Continue reading Locked Up and Teased!