I Like It When Men Beg


Do you like to beg? I love it when men beg! One night, a year ago, I was on a date with my boyfriend when I decided it would be fun to tease him a little bit and give him a slight boner at the restaurant. So I insisted that we sit in a quiet booth in the corner and sat down beside him.

He had no idea what I was up to, but knew that whatever it was, it was going to be fun. I first put my hand on his knee as we looked at the menu and then ordered. My hand slowly inched up higher on his leg until I was almost at his cock. Realizing what I had in mind, his eyes got as big as saucers as he looked at me silently.

He didn’t say he liked it.  But he didn’t tell me to stop, either. I moved slowly to touch and stroke his cock as I watched his face. His eyes glazed and he began to breathe hard. His cock stiffened against my palm. I felt a surge of power at his reaction. Wow! I could make him hard even in a very public place, just by touching him. That’s when I knew that I liked controlling men and their reactions.

Wait For It….

I like to hear my men beg. I never just let a man have his way in bed. He has to work and wait for it. I love to tease a man for hours and then just tell him that he isn’t allowed to have his orgasm. If he whines or complains, I warn him that he may never have another orgasm with me if he keeps it up.

I’ve managed to make this last part clear enough that I’ve never had to carry out the threat to—-permanently—-leave them, but it has come close. Actually, I have found that most men like the wait, even if it is a long one, as long as I tell them that they will be satisfied, eventually. As I said, I like to hear them begging me, so I rarely tell a guy when they will be able to finally cum. I let that be a surprise.


Denial Makes the Cock Grow Harder

I once denied a guy for 3 months. It was the longest I ever tried to go without him being in chastity. I’ve kept a few men in my life locked up for varying amounts of time and for different reasons. I love men in chastity.  Believe it!  It’s really sexy.

But I also love the control it takes to withstand my teasing and denial and not touch the unlocked cock. A man with a bare cock thinks that there’s a chance that he can talk me into letting him cum. There isn’t. But they think that can, so they try endlessly. It’s like music to my ears if it’s done correctly. I don’t like the whining tone, but there are ways to beg that aren’t whining in the least.


Money Can’t Buy Them an Orgasm


I dated this guy who had the best voice. Oh, I loved to hear him talk…and beg. I would tease him for hours just to hear him beg for me to let him cum. Occasionally, I would touch his cock and stroke it. I would even suck it a little every now and then, which would drive him totally crazy.

One night, I was really enjoying him, but he didn’t need to know it. He was begging so much that I finally acted like I had gotten tired of listening to him moan and told him to cum. It was great, but I acted like I was mad as fuck at him for making me lose patience with him.

Some men think that I’ll let them have an orgasm if they buy me things. This is not true, and I tell them that it won’t work to do that, but they try it anyway. I’ve been given jewelry and clothes and one man even gave me a car! I did let him cum eventually, but it was months after I got the car.

You see, I didn’t want to give him the impression that orgasms with me could be bought. I allow a man to cum based on my mood and if I feel he deserves to cum in that moment. What I don’t think about is how long it’s been or anything like that. So they shouldn’t even consider bribery or gifts to get what they want. But they can try begging. That works…sometimes.

I never just let a man have his way in bed. He has to work and wait for it.


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