Is What A Cocktease Does Merely Chastity?


Well, the answer to the question of whether chastity and cockteasing are the same thing all depends on who you ask. I think, very generally, you might say they are two sides of the same coin. Both cockteases and chastity Mistresses want to deny you your orgasm.

They realize that once a guy cums, all kinds of hormonal and chemical changes take place inside.  That makes them much less submissive, much less agreeable to the games we want to play. However, while the end result is the same – denying you an orgasm – I think the way a Cocktease and a Chastity Mistress go about achieving that end are different. I also think that both the Dommes and the submissives have different reasons for choosing either cockteasing or chastity.  And both get different things out of them.


Let’s Start With the Motivation For a Cocktease


A cocktease gets off on teasing and tormenting your cock. She likes watching you get hard, listening to your moans and groans, as she edges you.

She loves it when you beg to be allowed to shoot, and then the sounds of frustration as she lets your edge die away.  Then laughs as she builds it back up again. For the cocktease, the fun is all in the actual teasing of the cock.  To see what she can do and how far she can push you without you actually nutting off.


For a Woman Into Chastity, It’s Not About the Tease


Sure, Chastity Mistresses can be cockteases.  But their motivation for keeping your cock locked up is the fact that you are so much more compliant, so much more attentive to her needs and wants, when the needs of your horny cock no longer matter.

They may tease, sometimes for amusement, just like a cocktease.  But sometimes, it’s more a way to remind you of just what you’ve given up in order to serve her – to put her first in your life.


Chastity Isn’t Necessarily the Outcome Of a Cocktease Session


It isn’t the same for the submissive in my experience. Chastity slaves are all about that service aspect, giving up their orgasms so they can focus on their Mistress. Knowing that being allowed to cum is a very, very special pleasure that their Mistress doles out for special occasions and for long bouts of devotion.

Pets into a good cocktease session are all about being teased for long periods of time. Chastity may not appeal to them, because those periods when there is no stimulation just isn’t exciting to them.


What Really Sets a Cocktease Apart From a Chastity Mistress?


I’d have to say it’s technique. Now, being both a MILF Cocktease and a lover of keeping my pets locked up, I can tell you I approach both differently. With my chastity pets, there’s a lot of service along with some teasing.

It might be body worship, or a Queening session while I keep your cock locked up, without it being touched in any way. Remember, chastity is more about what I want and need.  Not about what you need. Cockteasing for me is all about the stimulation. Whether it’s giving you guided masturbation instruction, or for my real-time pets, taking that cock in hand, there’s going to be teasing – and lots of it!

So many edges that you won’t know whether you’re coming or going.  But you won’t be cumming until I say so. And that’s one more difference between cockteasing and chastity. I have to have my fun during a cockteasing session.  But when I finish with you…and if you’ve been very good…you will get to cum. Unless you’d rather wait and be teased some more?


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