Locked Up and Teased


I love it when you are locked up and teased! Teasing has always been one of my very favorite things to do! I know that may sound bitchy or mean, but so what. *giggle* Really it’s just fun to tease men and it’s not like I am forcing you to stare at me or listen while I tell you all about how good I would suck your cock….If I were so inclined, which I am not. You can’t help yourself though. And that makes you more entertaining and amusing for me. You see cock teasing is fun, but extreme cock teasing is even more exciting, for both of us.

Oh, you might not see the amusing entertainment value in an extreme tease session, but you will, or you will find other things you can’t help loving about being teased mercilessly. I know for a fact, that you need help controlling your cock. You love to stroke it and you love to get to cum and enjoy that release, but teasing is sooo much more fun if you’ve been waiting and not just stroking and cumming whenever you feel like it.

It’s more fun for me and honestly, it’s better for you too. No really it is. I know that you may not think so, but that’s only because you aren’t appreciating how amazing sexual tension is and waiting for the final moment just makes it better. Seriously, think about any television show where there are characters with ongoing sexual tension. They want to fuck, you know it, you can feel it and you want to see it!

The longer you have to wait, the more intense it is and then they do it! You are thrilled, it’s amazing, it is just like getting your own happy ending. For about two minutes, then it is a huge let down. You know what I mean. Then the sexual tension is gone, they are happily having sex or not getting along at all, either way the thrill of the chase, the waiting and needing and aching is over and you are left with…Looking for something else to create that sexual tension.


Locked up and Teased: Creating Tension


Seeing as I am an incredibly sexy young woman, you being in the same room as me makes you excited. Of course that feels good doesn’t it? You want to be excited and when we are together, you have my attention and you want more and more of it. Look at my long tan legs in this short skirt.

I know you are having a hard time thinking about anything else, but what if I unbutton a couple of buttons on my shirt? Then you will start thinking about that and soon your cock will be hard and you will be aching to stroke yourself until you have an orgasm. Or maybe even hoping that I will reach out and stroke it for you.

That makes you excited and sexual tension rises. Thinking about sex and me and us getting naked together, is setting off all those good vibrations through your nerves from your brain to the rest of your body.

If I let you stroke, you will most certainly only take a few moments to be right on the edge and ready to cum. That will feel amazing, but within ten minutes (and that is me being generous) it will be all over with. You will feel it building and building and then you just at the moment that you can’t take it anymore you will slip over that edge and have your intense orgasm thinking about everything you and I could be doing. But when it’s over, it’s over. Then you are left wishing and hoping and wanting me again.


Locked and Loaded


I prefer to make the journey a bit longer. You know I love to tease, but just as I start having a good time watching you squirm, you cum. That ruins all my fun. So, locking you up is the perfect answer. Once that cock is locked up, you can’t stroke.

Oh you can still feel the excitement and still want to fuck me or touch me when I flash you a little peek up my skirt, but since you have your cock lock device on, you can’t do anything about it. See, this makes the sexual tension build up. As it builds, you want me more and more.

So you get the thrill of that deep need and sexy turned on feeling for much longer than you would if you could stroke your cock. And I get the fun of teasing you until my heart’s content with no worries that you will ruin it by stroking and cumming. You being locked up and teased is a win win situation, teasing your locked up cock is fun for both of us!


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