Pass the Penis: Extreme Cocktease Edition


Welcome to pass the penis, Extreme Cocktease LDW/Enchantrix version! Oh, we know that you believe you have been teased in the past. After all, it’s what you love! Teasing and toying with that cock, hearing us giggle while you beg. But until you’ve played our unique to us phone sex game, Pass the Penis, you have no idea. You may have played once before, been passed around a little and stroked.  But I’m talking about the Extreme Cock Tease version. What’s the difference? More Cock Teases to toy with you, longer stroking sessions and our LOVE of the game!


How Many Cock Teases Can You Take?


So, what is Pass the Penis: Extreme Cock Tease Edition? First of all, we choose our best Cock Tease Experts to toy with you! Of course we are all amazing at tease and denial. And sometimes even happy endings. But some of us are especially wonderful at this. We can make the tease feel so real that you just know you can’t possibly resist.

You may have missed it, but the operative phrase earlier was “we choose.” That’s right, we choose everything. From who you talk with, to how many of us you have to survive before being allowed to release. And there are a lot of us.  We pass you from one Mistress to another. You never know if she is the last one.  The one who might let you release. It could take quite a while. We don’t have to tell you if we’re last. Or if we’ll just pass you on to the next Mistress. Maybe we won’t even decide until the last moment. We are talking about an Extreme Cock Tease game of Pass the Penis, after all. So it’s not like we can make this easy for you.


Extreme Cocktease: Our Game. Our Rules.


Speaking of not making it easy, each session can be longer than the normal ten minutes for a Pass the Penis game. We can keep you on edge for twenty minutes or more each or we can switch it up so that you never know just how long. Imagine yourself, listening to the voice of a sultry Mistress who is bringing you closer and closer to the edge. You know the last Mistress teased you for over fifteen minutes so when you see you are only at ten you’re pretty certain this will be the one who lets you cum.

You start getting mentally prepared for it. Your stomach tenses, cock ready, when exactly at ten minutes her sexy voice whispers, “Bye! Not this time!” Then a naughty, dirty laugh as she sends you on to the next Mistress, cock hard and desperate. You were so close. The next younger and very amused Mistress knows all about what happened and teases you mercilessly about how much you thought you were going to get it.  And didn’t. She chats about her tan lines and offers to show them to you, continuing the tease.

Are you starting to get an idea of just how much of an Extreme Cock Tease a game of Pass the Penis could be? I think you are. I think you are picturing yourself, cock in hand, while one Mistress after another teases you and maybe even gives you some detailed stroking instructions. Or orders you to get your hands off it! You just never know when you are in the midst of a cock tease session.


We Love Bringing You Closer To the Edge


Last, but not least, what makes this so different from any other cock tease? Well, in case you haven’t figured it out by now, it’s the fact that we LOVE to tease you at least as much as you love to be teased! Hearing your breathing quicken, and knowing that you are getting closer and closer to the edge, excites us! You’ll hear it in our voices when we gleefully announce, “Oops! Time’s Up. On to the next.” Or, even in your final session, when the last Mistress in line lets you get that well deserved release.  After all the teasing you endured, her breathy, “Do it! Now!” will have you shooting hard.

We will be disappointed, too, if you can’t hold out.  And, believe me, you don’t want to disappoint us! You see, we are Cock Teasing Mistresses and love playing with you. It’s exciting to share with each other and come up with fun new ways to have you stroke. Or to find out just how close to slipping we can get you, without you going too far. We’re all really pulling for you to make it through the entire game. And we will take our disappointment out on you the next time around, with an even MORE Extreme Cock Tease game!


Give one of our Extreme Cocktease Mistresses a call, today!