Secrets Of a Masturbatrix


I am a Cock Control Phone Sex Mistress and a Masturbatrix. I’m often asked, “Exactly what is a Masturbatrix?” and “What kind of tricks do you have up your sleeve?” I thought I’d try to tackle these questions here for all to read, to save me time explaining it in person. All the secrets of a Masturbatrix can be boiled down to pleasure.  Yours and mine.


What Is a Masturbatrix?


A Masturbatrix is a dominant woman, usually a Mistress, who takes control of your cock. She will tell you when and how to stroke, *if* she lets you stroke. She’ll decide whether she wants to allow you to cum and how often. She’ll guide your masturbation sessions as she sees fit. A Masturbatrix is in total and complete control of your cock, which means she’s in total and complete control of you! As we Cock Control Mistresses always say, “Control the cock; control the man!” How do we control your cock? *wicked laugh* We have our ways!


Guided Masturbation


You’ve heard the term guided masturbation, but you can’t imagine why anyone would need to be told how to masturbate. I mean, you know exactly what feels good and just how to stroke to achieve orgasm as quickly as possible! You’re a pro masturbator! True, if you look at it that way, you are. But tell me, are your orgasms as intense as they used to be? Do you sometimes feel a letdown after cumming? Thought so. This is happening because you’ve conditioned your body to know exactly what to expect.  And let’s face it, a body needs some variety. You may love pizza, but if you eat it every day for every meal, it would be a lot less satisfying, wouldn’t it? Of course it would.


Your Masturbatrix will teach you that your orgasm is only as good as the journey itself. That you need to learn to relax and let all the tension escape from your body before even beginning a masturbation session. A sort of masturbation yoga, if you will.

Before beginning any type of masturbation session, you should take a few minutes to lay back, close your eyes, and focus on steady, even breathing. Then, little by little, start tensing your body from the face on down to the toes, small sections at a time. Hold it for about 10-20 seconds, then release. Then move to the next section and do the same thing until you’ve tensed every part of your body at various intervals. Finally, tense your entire body, hold for 20 seconds, and release. Repeat. Now go back to the slow, steady breathing. Relax. You are finally prepared to begin masturbating. Orgasm edging is one of the secrets of a Masturbatrix that we’re really eager to share with you!


Tease and Denial


You’ve likely used the term “cock tease” to describe a woman who flirts with you and leaves you with a raging hard-on and nothing to do about it.  But I bet you’ve never really tried to tease yourself, have you? Think back to when you were left hot, bothered, and horny for hours until you could finally do something about it. Remember how, for hours, you thought of nothing else but how good that orgasm would feel? You even *tried* to keep that hard-on going because it felt so good, even though you knew you couldn’t masturbate to orgasm until hours later.


Remember when you finally did have that orgasm, how explosive it was? How that cum shot out of your cock with such force, it shot up over your shoulder and hit the ceiling? Oh, how good that orgasm felt. Intense and explosive are the only two words that even come close to describing it. The reason it was so intense is because you’d been teased and continued teasing yourself for hours, making your body shudder with anticipation, wondering when the orgasm would be and how good it would feel.


That’s exactly what a Masturbatrix does. She’ll tease you just enough to keep that cock rock hard and on the edge for hours and then she’ll back off and let your erection wane. Right when you think the frustration has passed, though, she’ll be right back teasing and tormenting you. Stronger than ever! She does this because she knows that teasing and edging pave the way for explosive orgasms! *If* she decides to let you cum at all, that is!


Orgasm Edging


If you aren’t familiar with what orgasm edging is, then you are likely cheating yourself out of explosive orgasms. Over time, if you always use the same stroking technique, follow the same masturbation routine, or just hurry through to the end, so you can have the orgasm, your orgasms are probably getting weaker and weaker. In fact, now that you think about it, that last orgasm was a real dud. Almost couldn’t be more of a dud if it were a planned ruined orgasm! Edging is just as it sounds…. stroking yourself to the point when you are just about to cum and staying there as long as you can without actually cumming.


For most men, that means stopping completely and starting back up as soon as that edge fades. Some men do this for hours before they ever seriously think about masturbating to the point of orgasm. Some men do not have the self-control to make themselves follow through. In fact, most don’t. That’s why we Masturbation Mistresses (Masturbatrix) are here. To control that cock of yours and those orgasms of yours until after we’ve achieved our pleasure, amusement, or entertainment. In the process of doing so, you become a better and more attentive lover, one who can last much longer and who thinks of her pleasure before his own.


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