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Do you know what remains when you give up control? Have you ever experienced the release on the other side? Do you know what it's like to be so very trapped that you experience freedom? You either know what I'm talking about and you yearn for this. Or, perhaps, you're curious about the next level of cock control. What is that next level for you -- that tantalizing place beyond tease and denial.

What is left when you truly give up control? ... Control of your body .... Control of your mind .... Control of the very essence of what it means to be male ... control of your cock and the bubbling cum pulsing and building right now as you read this.

Are you stroking your cock? YOUR cock? {tsk, tsk} Hands off! {wink} This is now MY cock. I collect cocks and the men that have these willful appendages on their bodies. And that dick IS so ... Mischievous. Isn't it?

Your errant member has always ruled your life hasn't it? From the start of mysterious sticky, crusty stuff on your sheets and the first furtive stroking sessions, your life has been defined by your penis. Now, it's time to give up that control ... and all that goes with it.

I will now control 'your' cock. This is My cock. To train ... to tease .... To deny .... I want to hear you tell Me how much you want Me, need Me and must cum for Me.

Then, relax .... Because you can plead your case .... But, I am jury, judge and prosecutor ... or should I say persecutor?
Call if you dare.