Tease and Denial Paves the Way To Explosive Orgasm


I love to tease and deny my boyfriend. It makes college that much more fun! Oh, sure we do all the regular college upperclassman stuff– parties, classes, more parties, ditching classes, hangovers. But he and I also have a secret. It’s a secret that goes on right in his dorm room, and other places, under everyone’s noses. I tease him all the time and everywhere. This way, when I do let him come, it’s mind-blowing.


The First Time Was an Accident…. Really 😉


It all started because we were both sitting in his car, waiting for one of his frat brothers and his girl to come out of the frat house so we could go to dinner. We were bored, so we started kissing and it went from there. I was stroking him because we didn’t have the time and he didn’t have the self-control yet for me to blow him. I could tell he wanted me to, though.

So I was stroking him slowly when he whispered desperately to stop stroking his cock, because the couple was approaching the car. It was dark and we weren’t near the streetlights, so they didn’t see anything. But they caught on to some of it, because we were breathing so heavily and he was blushing. At first, they looked confused. Then understanding dawned. And they laughed and teased us the rest of the night about how they would try to be later next time, so we could finish.

Although he was embarrassed and I was amused by what happened with our friends, which did make it difficult for him to relax, we discovered something that night. We found out that he could have the best orgasm after I teased and denied him. So we began to try new things and see what worked best.


Naughty Tease and Denial Is Fun!


I like to do naughty things in public, like stroke his cock under the table while waiting for food. It makes him so excited, he can barely eat! Once, they made us switch tables after they had seated us and I had started. His face was bright red, but he stayed hard! I had to walk in front of him because he had to walk across the restaurant with this huge hard on. It scared him, but he was really excited too.

Now, I stroke him in all kinds of places. His favorite place is in a dark corner of a bar, with the music blasting and our kisses tasting like margaritas. Even though we often start in a public place, we always end up alone, in his room or my room. It could be hours or minutes after, but his arousal and then denial always pays off with an explosive orgasm.

I Make His Cock Throb


Honestly, I tease him constantly. I brush my breasts against him every chance I get and wear all the clothes that drive him crazy, too. I wear really short skirts, stockings with lines up the back and stripper heels with “fuck me” bows. Most of the time, on the weekends, I just wear my fluffy white bathrobe with nothing underneath. I make sure that it comes open a little bit at just the right times, like when I’m leaning over him to grab the remote. Then I jump away from him and smile innocently, like I have no idea what I’ve done.

I love driving him crazy. He says I make his cock throb. I sometimes catch him sneaking off to the bathroom to stroke his cock on the sly. When I hear the bathroom door close quietly, I know what he’s doing. Normally, he either doesn’t close the door or he slams it shut on his way in. I always make him stop and remind him of how good he will come later if he waits. This can go on all day.


The Waiting Is the Hardest Part


Then there are the times that I won’t let him touch his cock or me for a few days. Abstinence doth make the cock grow stiffer. I tell him when we’ll fuck again, usually by the end of the week, if it’s a Monday or a Tuesday. It’s hard for him (no pun intended, of course), and I can tell by Friday night that he is more than ready. If we go out, I watch him take deep breaths and try to relax while we eat a meal or watch a movie.


My boyfriend has learned a lot of self-control from all my tease and denial games. He can now stop at almost any time during sex, which has also made sex better for me. I can’t see either one of us going back to the old way of having sex. How boring! The next new thing I want to try is tease and denial in groups. I think that would be a blast. Wanna join us?


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