What Are Blue Balls?


It seems like a silly question, doesn’t it? “What are blue balls?” indeed. Every man who’s ever had to endure any form of teasing is very familiar with that deep, heavy ache. But just because you’re familiar with the way it feels doesn’t mean you understand what it is or how a phone sex Mistress can use them against you.


So how do you get blue balls, anyway? Most men will tell you that any form of tease and denial, if carried on long enough, will cause them. This is, in fact, very true. But how does an extreme cock tease session create those blue balls in the first place? And why are they even called “blue balls,” anyway?


How Extended Tease And Denial Creates Blue Balls


We’ll answer the first question first. Sexual stimulation of any sort, cock teasing or otherwise, causes the testicles to swell temporarily. The swelling is caused by increased blood flow to the area, which happens when one becomes sexually aroused, as well as the back-up of seminal fluid inside the testicles themselves. In normal sexual interactions, this does not create a problem, as the pressure is eventually released via orgasm.


However, when a man is stimulated sexually and not allowed release (i.e., orgasm denial), the blood and seminal fluid build up inside the testicles, creating a good bit of pressure inside them. If your Masturbatrix decides that you don’t get an orgasm, that pressure is not released. Instead, it stays in place inside the balls until it dissipates on its own, a process that may take up to several hours to take place.


This pressure inside the testicles, when it is not released, is what causes the tenderness and pain associated with blue balls. The pain may be localized to the testicles themselves, or it may radiate upward and outward toward the abdomen.


So Why Are They Called “Blue Balls?”


Now that we’ve got the medical explanation for blue balls established, let’s move on to the second question. Why, exactly, are blue balls referred to as “blue balls?” Well, if you were to take a look at your testicles while you’re experiencing this phenomenon, you might be able to see why.


The build-up of blood in this area upon sexual arousal generally makes the testicles acquire a reddish hue when the owner of the testicles becomes turned on. However, as we’ve already pointed out, when you get blue balls, the blood pools in your testicles. The more blood (and seminal fluid) that builds up there, the more congested and swollen the area becomes. The more congested they become, the harder it is for the blood to be pumped back up toward your heart by your body.


If you remember your science classes, you will recall that blood becomes oxygenated in the lungs. It’s then pumped by the heart to other areas of the body to supply the cells with much-needed oxygen. This oxygen-rich blood is the red color that we normally associate with blood. The farther the blood circulates in the body, the more oxygen it loses. By the time it reaches its end destination, there is very little oxygen left. Blood that has been stripped of most of its oxygen turns a blue color, which is why your veins (which return poorly oxygenated blood back to your heart to be pumped into your lungs to be re-oxygenated) appear blue under your skin.


Thus, after you have undergone a long prick tease session, the blood that’s pooled in your balls will not have a whole lot of oxygen left in it. The blood itself turns blue. If the capillaries in your testicles are close enough to your skin (and if your skin is pale enough), you may be able to see this bluish blood underneath the skin. Hence, the term “blue balls.”


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