What Is a Nylon Tease?


What is a nylon tease? As you have probably figured out by now, there are a number of different kinds of prick teases out there. The kind that’s best for your cock tease fantasies depends entirely on you and your specific tastes. That’s why, here at Extreme Cock Tease, we want to share a little about  various types of teases with you. So you’ll be able to make an informed decision as to which kind of cock tease is right for you.

One important type of extreme cockteasing lady is the nylon tease. This is a term that’s been bandied about quite a bit lately.  Maybe you’re wondering exactly what a nylon tease is. Well, we are glad to tell you!

A nylon tease is a type of cockteasing woman who wears nylons, such as stockings and pantyhose, when she teases men. This form of cockteasing is especially effective on men who have a nylon fetish.  However,  you don’t need  an outright fetish to find a lady in nylons extremely sexy.


Nylon-Wearers Tend To Be Older Women


As a rule, nylon teases tend to be older women. There are always exceptions to the rule, of course.  But wearing nylons is more common to the older generation, so nylon teases are often mature ladies and cockteasing MILFs.

Nylon teases count on the fact that men find nylons sexy, whether those men have a full-blown fetish or not. They also, without fail, have very sexy legs and feet. Because this form of cockteasing wouldn’t go very far without them!

Since almost all legs look better in nylons, these ladies know that wearing stockings or pantyhose insures that they will be noticed and ogled at, especially by the so-called “leg men” of the world. Additionally, these ladies almost always wear killer heels.  And skirts whose hemlines hit above the knee (and often much shorter!), along with their nylons of choice.

Now, once this kind of tease has gotten your attention, she will flaunt her nylon-clad legs in such a way that you feel your pants growing uncomfortably tight. If she is standing up, you may see her casually wrap the top of one foot around to touch the outside of the ankle on the other foot.

This results in a beautiful woman standing before you with one leg crossed behind the other, gently stroking the inside leg with the opposite foot. If she’s sitting down, she may deliberately cross and un-cross her legs while she knows you’re watching her. The very talented nylon teases can even double-cross their legs–crossing them at the knee, then again at the ankle with the toe of the top leg crossed behind the ankle of the bottom leg, which results in a very sexy picture for those who are watching her.


Nylon Tease: Falling Into the Teasing MILF’s Trap


Don’t think that just because this prick tease MILF has you drooling and stuttering that she’s going to stop now. Oh, no. She knows that she’s pulled you into her web, so she’s going to up her game. If you’re out in public, she may approach you. If you’ve found yourself alone with a sensual Mistress who proves to be a nylon tease, she will most likely begin giving you orders now that she knows you’re defenseless against her.

She knows you’ll give anything to worship those nylon-clad feet and legs.  Or, even better, to get those perfect feet and legs to touch you.  Thus she will most assuredly use this knowledge to her advantage.

If you do all the things she tells you to do, and do them well, she may reward you by allowing you to worship her. You may even get very lucky and receive a nylon footjob from your sexy, mature cock tease.

On the other hand, she may decide to leave you hanging with the biggest case of blue balls you ever had.  Or, subject you to an incredibly wicked, ruined orgasm. But that’s just the chance you take when you play with an extreme cocktease! Don’t worry, though. It’ll all be worth it in the end.  To get the attention of a beautiful, nylon-wearing MILF Mistress.


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