What Is A Panty Tease?


Ever hear of a “panty tease?” As we have pointed out before here at Extreme Cock Tease, there are many different kinds of prick teases out there in the world. Some you may have heard of, and some you may not have. You may have even run across some of them.

But the fact remains that there are many different types of teases out there for the many different men who like being teased. In other words, there’s a kind of teasing lady out there for everyone!  We have already discussed the nylon tease and how she tends to be a MILF or older woman. Let us look now at a different and younger kind of tease–the panty tease.

The panty tease tends to be a college coed or, at the very least, a woman under the age of 30. That’s not to say that older ladies can’t get in on the panty teasing action as well, but it’s less common, just as it’s less common for younger women to be nylon teases.

It is very likely that you have met a panty tease at least once in your life. It was just a few years ago when young women wearing midriff shirts and ultra-low-rider jeans with the tops of their panties showing was fashionable. Any young woman you met dressed like that technically fit the defintion of a panty tease!


The Way A Panty-Teasing Coed Behaves


Most women, even younger ones, know that most men think women’s panties are sexy. They also know that when it comes to teasing, less is more. That’s why these ladies will offer you little glimpses, little peeks, of their panties, but rarely ever expose the full garment. Additionally, most panty teases know that men like it when younger women pretend to be “innocent.” Thus, they try to make those little glimpses you get seem accidental in order to give you an extreme case of blue balls!

Another reason that you tend to find this kind of tease on college campuses is that colleges are places that opportunities for panty-teasing abound. Sexy coeds often dress in provocative outfits that tease and torment those around them. Their clothes don’t even have to be risque; they just have to appeal to men’s cocks!

One well-known example of this is the coed who wears a short skirt to class, then “accidentally” drops her pen in the floor so that she has to bend over and pick it up, thereby exposing a glimpse of her panties to anyone who happens to be looking her way, be they professors or other students. No matter how innocent such a move may seem, you can be certain that it is without a doubt entirely calculated.

Of course, class is not the only place a coed panty tease may strike. She may also do something similar at parties, bars, clubs, malls, or any other place where hapless men may be gathered.


Why Men Find a Panty Tease Sexy


Naturally, men find this kind of behavior very sexy, especially when it is done with enough finesse that it looks unintentional. After all, a cock tease’s panties are the one article of clothing that stands between a man’s seeing her most delicate spot, the area of her body that men most want. Showing them that area covered in a pair of sexy panties is enough to make even the most cool, calm, and collected man’s blood run hot.

We would also be remiss in our duties if we neglected to point out that some men also have panty fetishes. For these men, a peek of a cock teasing coed’s panties is like finding the Holy Grail!

Certainly, this daring display of one’s underclothes in an “accidental” fashion qualifies as a form of extreme cockteasing. The men who have found themselves subjected to a panty tease would definitely agree! These teasing ladies know exactly what kind of effect their actions have on men, and that’s why they do what they do.

So the next time you’re at a restaurant and see a sexy coed leaned forward in her chair with her panties peeking just over the waistband of her pants, you won’t have to wonder if it’s intentional or not. You’ll know for a fact that you’ve just been hit with a panty tease by a cocktease Princess!


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