Why I Love Being a CockTease!


CockTease. Prick tease. Tease. I hate to break it to you boys, but those are all compliments as far as I’m concerned. Personally, I adore being able to get a man so excited that he can barely control himself at all.

It reminds me, and him, that the person who is truly in control is me! I believe that any woman who can do it, does! It’s fun to be a cock tease princess, so when I’m asked why I like it…It’s fun!


CockTease: The Reveal


First of all, who wouldn’t want to be a cock tease princess? Every time I catch a man staring at me, wanting me, I know there is time for a potential tease to begin. Oh, I don’t do it every single time, but when I do, it never fails. It’s simple, really. You see, men are controlled by their cocks! Control the cock, control the man!

All women know this, but some of us are better at using the knowledge to our advantage. Take me, for instance. I love to hang out with my girlfriends in fun naughty places, like the beach, and watch you squirm when I take off my loose, gauzy cover up to reveal a tiny bikini. Oh, of course you were staring. But now you’ve forgotten all about not getting caught, because your cock is hard and you want me.

It’s okay, though, because I know you’re watching and so do all my friends. See, this makes it even more fun! Because now we can sit together and whisper. And you are so busy hoping for a peek at…well anything, that you don’t even realize how much fun we are having, deciding how to tease you until you can’t take it.


Luring You In


One of my favorite things to do, when teasing a man, is to make eye contact. It really knocks you off your game. There you are, staring at my gorgeous ass, imagining yourself taking my bikini bottoms off and I look over at you, make eye contact and smile. 

Now you’re wondering if I know what you were just thinking or if I just happened to look your way and am as interested in you as you are in me! The male ego is so funny! You really imagine that a woman like me is getting excited just seeing you there! This just makes the tease all the more fun. Especially when I motion to you with my finger, inviting you over.

By the way, one of the great things about being a cock tease princess is that I can do it anywhere! The beach just happens to be a really convenient place, but it could be the coffee shop, a shoe store, or anywhere we both happen to be.

After all, nothing is really going to happen. Well, not with me anyway. You, however, are most likely another story. It’s not me stroking myself in the cooking section of the book store while checking out my very short skirt and obvious lack of panties. I’m just quickly bending over. *giggle*. So, like I said, the tease can be anywhere.  And luring you in is as simple as making eye contact and inviting you over.


Cock Tease Fun For All


Then the real teasing begins. You walk across that hot sandy beach, holding your towel in front of you in what you think is a casual pose, but really just tells me all I need to know about how easy this is going to be. I spread out my towel and recline a few feet away from my still giggling friends and pat the ground next to me.

You hesitate, of course, because putting your towel down means revealing that tent in your swim trunks. But hey, I seem interested, so you go ahead and do it anyway. I smile and comment on how much I like your shorts, laughing a little and handing you the bottle of lotion as soon as you sit down.

Is This Bikini Too Teeny?

Oh yes, it’s the oldest tease in the book and yet you all still think it means we’re interested in something more.  Probably because sometimes it does. In your case, nope. This is just the cock tease, you rubbing lotion on my warm skin, while I talk about how tiny my bikini top is and that I’m worried it’s not covering me enough and ask you what you think. Now your eyes are on my breasts and your cock is rock hard.

So I lean over and ask you if you’ve ever touched yourself on the beach, then run my finger up your thigh and under the leg of your shorts. You jump and then move a little, hoping I’ll get close enough to touch your throbbing cock. But I don’t. Instead I pull my hand and glance over my shoulder at my friends, announcing to them that I think it’s time to go, because I’m bored.

See, being a cocktease is fun! I can go as far and as fast as I want, then hit the brakes and walk away. You’re the only one likely to have an accident. *giggle*


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