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Why Men Can’t Resist a Cock Tease

I always expect you to learn, but you don’t! I have been a Cock Tease for a very long time. You know I'm just teasing you and yet you silly men always fall for it! Even those of you whom I have teased and left wanting in the past, still fall for it! Being a cock tease is fun, for me, but when you are left with your blue balls aching, are you having fun too? You are aren’t you? Yes! Because you keep coming back for more and falling for it again and again. So, I started wondering, in a serious way, why you just can’t resist a Cock Tease, even when you know that she is going to tease you mercilessly and leave you wanting, you still just can’t resist her at all.

When I start to wonder about something my natural curiosity requires me to start asking questions and honestly, it is so much fun to tease you guys when finding things out, especially watching you twitch when I lean in close and ask, “Why can’t you resist me?” *giggle* The first thing I heard was because I am so incredibly sexy. That was an obvious one, because really, I am! But I think it’s more than that. It isn’t just that I am so sexy, it’s your reaction to that sexy vibe I’m giving off. You see me with my friends and while they might be just as hot and much nicer, it’s me who gets you excited and that is because you are thinking with your cock!

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Your Cock is Making the Decisions

A true cock tease is always teasing, even when she’s not thinking about you at all. You see, I am always aware that you, or someone just like you, might be watching me. Whenever I go out with anyone, my skirt is a little shorter, my heels a little higher, I toss my hair in just that special way that drives you crazy, run my finger tip across my lips, maybe I’ll even bend over or stretch to reach something just high enough for my shirt to ride up my body a bit. That makes you think about me riding your body doesn’t it? Of course it does! Your cock is doing all the thinking for you now. So when you see us out, it’s only me you notice. Your cock can’t focus on anyone or anything else because it just has to have me! The other girls look good, but they aren’t giving off that vibe that gets your cock hard and while your head would tell you to stay far away from me and my very sexy ass, your cock wants it ONLY! So you can’t resist because, you are thinking with your cock. That isn’t really all that surprising *giggle*

I am a Real Man

But there are other reasons too, aren’t there? Of course there are, because just thinking with your cock does eventually get you into enough aching balls situations where you decide it’s just better not to always listen to that hard member. So what happens then? Do you resist the allure of a cock tease? No way! Because then your manly ego kicks in and you get this deep down NEED to get a girl who has always been a cock tease to be with you. Not to tease you, but to actually give you something more and because you have this primal hunt and conquer man thing going on, you keep trying. But instead of getting anywhere, you just keep being unable to resist a cock tease. Oh maybe you tell yourself that you only want her because she seems so unattainable. You are the hunter, on a mission to capture the elusive cock tease, to conquer her and make her yours. Silly man, there is no winning with a cock tease, because you have the cock and we are the tease, making you under our control--cockteased and denied--before you even know it.

Have Hope

When you figure out that there is no winning and being a manly man isn’t going to give you any special prowess in resisting a cock tease, what happens? Do you give up now? No no no! You can’t resist a cock tease because you still have hope! Yes, hope. There is something inside you, probably that blood pumping to your cock, that is hopeful that when she invites you to her apartment or tells you she wants to see you stroking your cock, that it is really going to go somewhere. You hang on to the fact that last time the cock tease didn’t take off her bra and show you her perfect breasts and this time she did, so you must be getting closer. And you wouldn’t want to really try to resist just when she might be possibly going to give in and stop teasing you.

See there really is no resisting a cock tease. As a man, you just need it too badly and can’t stand the thought of giving up. Plus your cock is far too interested in her and what she might do and how her hands might feel stroking it, to ever let you give up. Resistance is futile from a cock tease, don’t even bother trying.

Cock Control Mistresses Currently Available