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Extreme Cock Tease: Can You Handle It?

I see you there, smirking, thinking that you love to be teased and would easily be able to handle an extreme cock tease session. In fact, it seems like something that isn’t even a challenge for you. But that is only because you have no idea what an extreme cock tease is or what it’s like to be teased in that way. You may believe you have experienced this, maybe even many times, but believe me, if you had, you would never ever forget it.

Teasing is Easy

Of course you’ve been teased before, girls walk past you in their short skirts inadvertently giving you a glimpse way up their thigh. Or maybe they even have noticed you watching them and do something a little naughty, just to tease you. You know what I mean. A young sexy girl and her friends, high heels short skirts, walking past you in the mall. They see you staring, whisper and giggle to one another. Then one “accidentally” drops her purse and bends all the way over to pick it up. Your cock gets hard watching that skirt ride up the backs of her thighs, almost to her cute little ass. Maybe you even think you see panties. But it’s only a moment before she stands up, giggles with her friends, glances over her shoulder at you and walks away.

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You can handle that. It’s a cock tease. A quick, naughty, but otherwise painless tease that gets you hard and leaves you wanting some more, but not so rock hard you can’t stand it. Oh no, that would be what happens with an extreme cock tease and that is the ultimate difference. You stroke and edge all the time though, so you can totally handle any teasing that might come your way. In fact, you’ve even spent some time teasing yourself. Letting your cock get close, watch the porn movie and get almost to the point of release, then pause and wait. Make yourself wait to see more. Teasing yourself in what felt like a pretty extreme way. But that was nothing compared to what you’ll experience in an extreme cock tease.

In each of these instances there was some control. First, it’s a public place so you knew before it started it was only going so far. And in the second when you are alone and teasing yourself, you’re in control of the entire scenario. Taking the level of tease way down, since you get to ultimately decide when and if it stops. Admit it, you don’t pause the movie every time. Sometimes you just jerk it until you release. There is no real loss of control either way. Either you know you can’t release so you never get really hard and close or you are in control of the release and can give it to yourself at any time. In an extreme cock tease, you have no control.

Lose Control

Control of an extreme cock tease of all in the hands, body, mouth of a sensual woman who has decided it’s time to take your excitement and ultimately hers to the next level. It would start out simple, something that would get you alone with her, somewhere she could call the shots, somewhere private so anything could happen. This is where a cock tease becomes extreme. When she takes over and you are there waiting, watching as she begins to tease you in various ways. And there are many many ways to tease a cock. In fact, every extreme cock tease is a little different, thus making it so intense that you are trapped in a prison of desire and need that she creates around you. Imagine not knowing or if you will get to cum or not. Imagine her naked, on your lap, rubbing her body against you, only to have her stand up and walk away, leaving you aching and moaning. You’re all alone. You could have an erotic mutual masturbation session or she could just watch you and then walk out, leaving you with your cock in your hand. Maybe she’d come close to you and almost touch you again and again, never doing more than trailing her fingertips over the head of your cock.

Understanding the difference now? Let me make it very simple for you. An extreme cock tease takes away your control. You don’t get to decide, the one teasing you does and the more intense it gets, the more you need her to say yes, the more you beg…And the more likely she is to just keep on teasing you to see just how far she can take you, past where you believe your boundaries lie. She is in control of your cock and mind and will tease you until she is decides to stop, or gets bored with you and giggles, walking away.

Cock Control Mistresses Currently Available